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6 Jan 18 Tolder Cat Suite - Pattern

Worked in the round or on circula needle where possible

Legs x 2
1.    Cast on 44 with 4mm needles
Continue in smaller needles
2 x 2 rib 12 rows
inc in every perl section

k2 p3 rib ( 14 rows from start)

2.    Change to 4mm needles
inc every 4 stitch every alt row
until 88 stitches

Continue until work measures 22cm

3 more cm, 9 rows, backwards and forwards to form a 3cm split

White Belly
From 31 black 18 white 31 back
1 less black every 3 rows until 12 stitches black
4 rows
1 more black every 6 rows
1 less black every other row until reaches edge
continue in white

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3 Jul 17 Toddler Cat Suite - Belly design

DK Grid
As instructed I am going for a jumper and dungarees.  for age 12 to 18 months plus a bit extra. Because it is versatile.  There will be a hat and socks as well.  if I run out of colours there is always Boyes up the town.

I will be using stylecraft life yarn. for me this is best balance of quality and price.

I hope to start on this today after I have finished the socks I am knitting

Cat belly design the green is to be knitted white on both the jumper and the dungarees.

The dimensions for the pattern are from Drops

Diagram constructed using Inkscape and converted to jpg with gimp. both Opensource (free and legal no adds) programs

The diagram as a pdf, svg

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2 Jul 17 Todler Cat Suite part one

This is for my African grandson 1 in September so making it 18 months plus

Knitted DK - I need to find a pattern.  My preference is for red bordered one. raglan sleeve for the cardigan

Black back top and trousers

The hat will be a simple tube with a white triangle in the ribbing.  The corners sewn together to make the ears and a crochet edging to  make bigger .

I have something I can draw the jumper and dungarees pattern on.

I prefere to knit in the round, however, that is not possible here apart from the legs and arms

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